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Why A Kur ®

Kur is a German word which translates to cure in English.

Taking a Kur is to have a series of treatments using natural resources taken from the earth and Sea, such  as mud from the Dead Sea, salt from the Himalayan mountains, marine algae from the Arctic, berries found only in the tropical rainforest of the Amazon, artisian spring waters thousands of years old, minerals ground stones and volcanic ashes fired in the the earth, herbs and essential oils from all over the entire planet come together as the basis of our spa treatments. Which puts you in touch with nature and our Planet  in a deeply spirtitual way.

A Kur treatments combine Hydrotherapy the theraputic effects of water at different temperatures and pressures for cleansing, purifying and relaxing muscle tention with a combination of mineral muds, clays and all things natural.

Kur Treatments have been practiced in different parts of Europe for hundreds of years, to rebalance the body soothe  aches and pains, destress, detox or just unwind and go arrrrrrr.