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Skin Neeedling  (Electro CollagenI induction Therapy)

Using ECIT an advanced form of skin needling we bring a natural alternative in skin rejuvenation

What is RejuvaStamp®  ECIT?

ECIT is a non-invasive procedure to help lessen the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, and pigmentation. It is performed using the ECIT device and a topical anesthetic for absolute comfort and has almost no down-time, post procedure.

How does RejuvaStamp®  ECIT work?

The ECIT device works by inserting tiny micro needles into the skin creating thousands of perforations. These microscopic perforations stimulate the body's own natural electrical response. (just like acupuncture)

Natural electro signals induce your body;s own natural human growth factor.This increases blood circulation to the penetrated area while at the same time stimulates collagen and elastin at the site of the perforations which fills in wrinkles, scars and can even lighten pigmented areas of the skin.

The result is beautifully repaired skin from the inside out without causing unnecessary damage to the skin.

What can I expect from the treatment? 

You can expect a more youthful looking skin and in most cases will notice a improvement from just one treatment. Expect to see some continued improvement over time. The rejuvenation process advances as your body responds to the ECIT procedure, so you will see continuous improvement in the treated area for up to 12 months after the initial procedure.

Is the ECIT treatment painful

Expect the procedure to be virtually pain- free. Due to the application of topical anesthetic which is applied half and hour prior to and during the treatment to ensure your absolute comfort.

What can RejuvaStamp® ECIT do for me?

Smooth Wrinkles and Expression Lines

Improve Skin Texture & Tautness

Relax Scar Appearance

Improve Depressed Acne Scaring

Improves Crows's feet (lines at the corners of the eyes)

Smoothes and Tightens Eyelid Skin

Diminish Stretch Marks

Restore Hair loss Nuturally



Rejuvastamp ECIT / Derma-pro

Electro Collagen Induction Therapy

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Price: $200